Guildeline for Viva-voce Process


i. Notice of intention to submit Thesis
       1. Ensure that the information needed in thesis submission form is complete before submission to the Faculty.
           Incomplete form will not be processed. Completed form must be made in three (3) copies.
       2. Please attach Abstract (must not exceed 400 words), Table of Contents of Thesis and Originality Report.
       3. Obtain certification by Supervisor that thesis is 95% complete and has been screened for plagiarism.
       4. Should the full thesis is not submitted to Faculty within three (3) months from the date of the notice is given;
           this notice would be considered null and void.
ii. Examiners will be appointment.
iii. Thesis submission* form and originality report must be submitted to Graduate Office of Electrical Engineering (GOEE).
iv. Prepare together with five (5) spiral-bound copies of your thesis and must be submitted to Graduate Office of Electrical Engineering (GOEE).
v. Also please attach receipt of Thesis submission Fees.
v. Thesis can only be accepted once the names of suggested examiners from supervisor has been approved by the Faculty.

Publication Requirements
Master 1 Indexed* Publication (accepted)
PhD 2 Indexed* Publications at least 1 was published
                              *Starting for cohort Sept 2018 (at least one publications has been accepted in IEESR)

* Requirement for thesis submission.


i. Students are given 30-40 (PhD) and 15-20 (MSc) minutes to present and answer questions from Panels.
ii. The PowerPoint presentation will be a brief summary of the complete thesis sent earlier to the Graduate Office of Electrical Engineering (GOEE).


i.   Correction will do by student according to Viva-voce result.
ii.  Verification will do by examiners according to student correction.
iii. Duration for correction is like down below:-
       1. For result one (1) is around fourteen (14) days (Report submit).
       2. For result two (2) is around six (6) months.
       3. For result three (3)
             a. 3A is around one (1) year.
             a. 3B is re-viva.


i. Thesis Formating.
ii. Senate Meeting
ii. Result/GOT